Having just completed an 87-mile training week, I was disappointed in the results, although hardly surprised:

I had averaged a depressing 10 hours per day sitting.

This conclusion was based on diary that tracked how I spent my time over the last week:  sitting, standing, walking, running, and lying down.

The motivation for this exercise was the growing concern among healthcare professionals about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, especially too much sitting.  Indeed, according to one recent study, more than 7 hours a day sitting could be unhealthy.  In which case, I’m at risk.

sedentary 1
Time spent in different activities (average daily hours and percentage of total) for the period December 7-13, 2015

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Getting to Know the Corbitts

Ted Corbitt, known as the “father of long distance running,” is famous for many accomplishments.  I had heard that his training regime included weeks where he’d run 200 miles or even 300.  I couldn’t imagine how someone could do that while working full time.  And why would you want to?

And so it was with great interest that I attended a presentation hosted by the New York Road Runners featuring Corbitt’s son, Gary, who shared personal insights about his father and talked about the history of the New York running scene.

Ted Corbitt, 1957

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Getting to Know the Corbitts