Training for Life

Reproduced with permission from the author, Lorraine Anderson, here is a recent social media post that caught my eye:

So I’m hiking in the woods, loving the serenity and alone time with nature, and all of a sudden comes running a super fast runner up the mountain I was going down. It was a man wearing only a black pair of shorts. He was really super fast and quiet, if it wasn’t for the leaves underfoot , I wouldn’t have heard anything, no heavy breathing, light on his feet, I cheer him on as he approaches I say ‘way to go, you’re doing great! He smiles and says yesterday I ran up here carrying a rock. I said, Omgoogness! That’s awesome! What are you training for I ask. He says ‘life’ with a big smile. I said I love it that’s the best

Credit:  Lorraine Anderson, feelfitforever

Note:  Carrying rocks uphill was a training method popular among Yurok Indians of northwest California.

You can follow Lorraine’s blog feelfitforever on — I particularly enjoyed a recent post in which she recalled her childhood love for nature.

Training for Life

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