Secrets of the Catskills — Revealed

There is more to life than increasing its speed

— Mahatma Gandhi

I could hardly wait for the weekend, so excited was I to get back out to the Catskills to run, hike, and explore.  When Friday evening finally rolled along, I set the alarm clock for 4:30 AM, determined to get an early start.  And I was out the door and on the road in the predawn mist.

But when I finally arrived in the Catskills a few hours later, I was dragging.  En route I had picked up a second cup of coffee, but even a double dose of caffeine hadn’t helped.

I dragged myself to the starting point of the day’s adventure, the trail to Giant’s Ledge, and looked up:  the path was a tumble of rocks.

Trail to Giant's Ledge
Trail to Giant’s Ledge

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Secrets of the Catskills — Revealed