Ben Leese’s 2019 SRT Race Report

Note:  Ben Leese won the 70-mile division of the 2019 SRT Run with a new course record of 16:28:16, eclipsing the prior record by almost two hours.  More info on the race at

Ben’s 2018 SRT race report here

Shawangunk Ridge 70 miler

Last year was my first attempt at the SRT and my first attempt at running anything longer than a marathon.  After missing my goals at a succession of road races over the preceding couple of years I was thrilled to achieve my main objective of grinding out a finish.  But the experience was brutal.  The distance was of course a big part of that, but I’d made a number of rookie errors as well and as soon as the chafing had healed and the toenails had regrown I began to think about ways to improve in 2019.

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Ben Leese’s 2019 SRT Race Report