Rock The Ridge and the Number Three

By guest author Lisa Zucker Glick

On May 6, 2017 I participated for the third time in the Rock the Ridge 50 miler.  This event is a   fundraiser for the Mohonk Preserve.  It has a generous cutoff of 24 hours. The event is designed for the average runner/ hiker to be able to complete the entire distance.  There is a registration fee as well as a fundraising minimum.  I chose not to fundraise and pay the amount myself.  These are my trails in my backyard.  I know the  importance of  protecting and caring for this great gift of the Mohonk Preserve.

I also have the honor of being an ambassador for the event.  I had the pleasure of   leading two “Taste of Rock the Ridge” training runs and spending time with some fabulous folks. As an ambassador this was not a requirement but my choice. I am a slow  runner, often at the back of the pack and chasing cut- offs.  I’ve started a group called “Tough Turtles”  to encourage slower runners to feel empowered.  My main reason for running is to enjoy the journey and test my limits.

Lisa Zucker Glick

Speaking of slow,  this year was my slowest time of my three RTR’s.  First year 11:39, second year 11:13.  This year 13:33.  (Notice the number 3)  THIRTEEN and a HALF hours!!  2 hours slower than my previous year’s averaged together!!  At first I was a bit disappointed and surprised. After I had time to process things I realized there were many positives for my slower finish.

  1. I was on  my feet  for  the  longest  amount of time yet for an  ultra. Great training for a 100K coming up for me in July.
  2. I felt fantastic for the first 40 miles!!
  3. I enjoyed  the day by staying in the moment and not looking at my
  4. I had an epic finish in the torrential rain
  5. I still finished before dark
  6. I got to enjoy the trails for more time
  7. I recovered very quickly
  8. I enjoyed running and chatting with various participants
  9. I did what I was capable of doing that day.
  10. I ran/hiked 50 MILES no matter what the time

Could I have gone a little faster?   Probably yes but that’s the way the day unfolded. Did I not train hard enough because of winter conditions?  Maybe but I stayed healthy,  injury  free, and had joy in my training hours.  I also had time to dance and sing which is an  important part of my  life.

Two days after RTR I taught 4 fitness classes.  One week after RTR I ran 13.5 miles on the rail trail.  11 days out, I ran 6 miles, played guitar for a concert, taught a fitness class and took a spin class.  I’m 57 years old.  I consider this winning.

Winning.   What is winning?  To me winning is succeeding at a goal.  27 years ago I was in a hospital because of severe debilitating depression.   Running, singing and dancing have been part of my wellness for many years.  Every day that I am able to get out of  bed is a winning day for me.   I have huge gratitude to be able to run/hike outside for  multiple hours.  Winning at life.

rtr 3 rain finish
Nice job Lisa!
Rock The Ridge and the Number Three

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